Complete Watch Restoration


Our highly skilled, certified watchmakers meticulously examine each watch. Our refurbishing process includes a complete watch overhaul. We fully dismantle each timepiece to determine the exact condition of all of its parts.  Each of the components, internal and external, are cleaned separately. We use a special watch solution that gently removes oil and residue from the movement and other parts. 

Parts Replacement

We replace all of the parts that commonly experience wear, such as gaskets, seals, and springs. we check the condition of the crystal for scratches. We also carefully evaluate each timepiece for any other parts that may need special repair or replacement. Our master watch technicians are able to restore even the most complicated watch movements. 

Testing Procedures

Once the watch has been reassembled, we ensure that the movement is running properly. Our highly specialized testing equipment verifies that each function of the watch movement is performing accurate timekeeping. 

The watch is then tested with air pressure and water pressure devices to confirm that all gaskets and seals are firmly in place. This is vital to preserving your watch, as water can cause severe damage to your watch's internal components. 

Mechanical Movements 

We carry out all procedures in strict accordance to each brand manufacturer's guidelines. For automatic movements, we conduct additional tests using the most advances technology available. We perform advanced timekeeping tests lasting up to forty-eight hours to assure that each watch passes our stringent requirements.

Final Touches

Finally, we polish your watch case and metal bracelet to restore it to its previous luster or replace the leather band. When you get back your timepiece, your watch will have been restored to "Like New" Condition. 

Do you have further questions about our watch repair and restoration services? Are you interested in a vintage and previously owned luxury timepiece?

Just stop by our Pinecrest, Miami, Florida location at 11219 South Dixie Highway, email us at Info@Turley, or give us a call at (305) 252-1123.  Our watch experts will be happy to assist you. 

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