100 Years of Master Jewelers

With more than 100 years of master jewelers in the family, the DePaula family has been devoted to creating exceptional fine jewelry. Their commitment to the art of design and fine quality has been been the family hallmark. 

Carrying on the family legacy

Carrying on the family legacy, Charlotte and Eddie DePaula opened Turley Jewelers in 2002 in the elegant Village of Pinecrest in Miami, Florida. The Pinecrest community has embraced the DePaulas for their personal warmth, exceptional fine products, their integrity and commitment to excellence, and their dedication to supporting charitable causes. 

Tribute to Charlotte's Family

Turley Jewelers is named after Charlotte’s grandmother, Dorice Turley, whose picture hangs in the store workshop.

“She was the matriarch of our family,” says Diane Stewart, Charlotte DePaula's mother. “She would have been so proud of what Eddie and Charlotte have done.”

Hand-selected Jewelry 

“Charlotte and I personally hand-select our jewelry. We limit the number of pieces we carry for each design. We want our customers to know that they won't see their jewelry on other people, like brands that everyone has." - Eddie DePaula. 

Custom Creations

"I have worked as a Master Jewelry for over twenty-five years, honing my craft and expressing my artistic vision. Designing custom pieces for my customers is one of my greatest pleasures." - Eddie DePaula

Turley Watch Collection

Eddie's "special "baby" is the Turley watch collection. "I have always been fascinated by the craftsmanship of fine watches. We carry a broad array of collectable luxury brand and vintage watches. I think the watches are as much for my enjoyment as for our clients'!

We have watches priced to fit the budget of the budding watch connoisseur, as well as the serious collector. Everyone should have the opportunity to own one of these amazing timepieces.” - Eddie DePaula

Repair and Maintenance Services

"All of Turley's watch and jewelry repair services are kept in-house. Nothing is ever sent out. We want complete quality control and maintain security for our customers's items." - Charlotte DePaula

Turley's services include watch and jewelry repair, custom design, vintage watch refurbishing, gift-wrapping, delivery, shipping, and personal shopping.

Commitment to Building Relationships

Eddie and I are passionate about pleasing our customers. They appreciate that we make every effort to provide exactly what they want. They respect our integrity, and they trust us. People know that we are sincere. I know that is why we are blessed with such wonderful relationships with our clients." - Charlotte DePaula
“Amazing people!! Beautiful jewelry!! Exceptional owners best of the best!!!” Erika Valdez

We Look Forward to Meeting You

“ We hope you will have the opportunity to visit us at our Pinecrest location in Miami, Florida. Our website offers just a glimpse of the wonderful treasures available at our store. Please call (305) 252-1123 or email us at if we can assist you in any way. We look forward to serving you.” - Charlotte and Eddie DePaula

The golden rule for every business man is this: ‘Put yourself in your customer’s place.’
— Orison Swett Marden

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